Sarah Boess (she/her/hers) is west of Philadelphia, born and raised, where she grew up the loud, artistic child of a quiet, academic family. She went to Conestoga High School where, despite countless hours spent screaming at calculus textbooks, she was just not meant to follow in her aerospace engineer scientist/math magican big brother’s footsteps.

So, she went to art school.

In May of 2019, Sarah graduated with a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University. Over the past years she has focused her degree on directing, acting, and arts administration working with professors she is forever indebted to and classmates who have fundamentally changed her life for the better. At this school she has had the opportunity to use her academic background to fuel her artistry and find her voice as an emerging theatre artist.

As a theatre maker, she is most drawn to physically expressive material that challenges us to consider perspectives radically outside our own. Art must push the boundaries of our comfort zone, have a central heartbeat of activism, and be fundamentally accessible to diverse audiences. No more kitchen sink dramas! Lets get loud, weird, and make a mess.


She is currently based on the east coast, predominantly in New York City but is more than willing to travel back to her hometown, Philly, or her collegiate hometown, Boston.

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